Peace Weavers Vision

Israeli and Palestinian medicine women, women who see each as sisters of one nation,

Gather together holding ceremonies for all to pray for peace, together.

Your donations help weave peace within individuals, communities and for you!

Peace Weavers Vision Statement

Israeli and Palestinian medicine women, who see themselves as sisters of one nation, are gathering together to hold ceremonies for all to pray for peace.  They will make pilgrimages on holy land to ancient sites in Israel, Palestine, Europe and England being joined by indigenous humans of Iranian, Lakota, Columbian, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon blood with many more people joining each day as one human family, choosing to open our arms to walk, sing and pray each other home to peace.

There are many threads to the tapestry of peace we weave together. The thread that inspired this movement is a pilgrimage which begins in the New Forest, the ancestral arrival place of pilgrims from other lands or arriving home. They will perform sacred spring purification rituals at a holy well with many other folk of the forest.  The women will then travel onto StoneHenge and hold a peace vigil over the shortest darkness at the summer solstice. Beholding a new dawn together, they will continue the journey through the longest day, to West Kennet long barrow to honour the dead and what is ready to die then call in what is ready to be born; to cherish and celebrate life.

From there walking the ancient route to Avebury womb circle to bring the called in seeded eggs to the ancient structure of creation for what wants to be borne to implant. Then onto Glastonbury where they will be met by many more to co-create ceremonies at this spiritual heart centre of England.  Here with fire circles and water ceremonies they will arrive at an ancient peace stone, which traditionally was used as a meeting place for reconciliation of warring tribes.

There are already aligning threads which weave peace into this tapestry. We hope to honour each thread as a vital story worthy of sharing with everyone. Just as we hope you will weave the threads of your peace journey with us so to honour all who align with peace, joy and collaboration. 

To begin we will have a blog “Weaving Threads of Peace” which highlights the pilgrimage and aligned stories which are central to this collective peace weaving vision and post on the Facebook group, linked on the words.

We invite you to share on the Facebook group and those stories which deeply impact (time allowing) will find their way onto our blog too.

Ways To Contribute

Please consider sharing and donating, all the money raised will enable us to fly the Israelis and Palestinians over to England for these powerful gatherings. It will also go towards accommodation, transportation, the continued building of the website and administration of the project. Most importantly it will go towards funding more healing and peace weaving events around the world. 

There are many ways to support the peace weavers vision. You can donate money to help us bring together Israeli and Palestinian women and men, who bring the spiritual medicines of healing and peace to individuals and communities.

In exchange we welcome you to send us your names, prayers, names of loved one’s you’d like us to pray for and other requests.

You can create your own event in alignment with ours and verbally share our vision at your event and mark it on the map!  Your energy and connection will be felt! We are stronger TOGETHER. ONE NATION. ONE HUMAN FAMILY.

Join us in person or virtually on our facebook group!

Weaving Threads of Peace: Our Stories

Your Thread of Peace!

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Miriam and Joanna both were a part of working with, Dance for Life: In such days of war and death, immense pain and grief, we decided to create and to move with an active prayer […]

Richard’s Threads

“Born into jewish London life. Raised in Israel. My father was in 2 wars which deeply affected his life and mine. He has lived his whole life since with terrible PTSD. My daughter served as […]

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Rebecca Esmeralda Telhami was born and raised in a village on Mount Carmel called Osfia. She was born to a Palestinian father and a Dutch mother.  None side of her family, Rebecca’s Grandparents went through […]

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Shalom, Salaam, Hello, greeting of Peace be with you as you explore this wonderful journey which started as a conversation between myself and Miriam, then expanded in rippling waves when I met Rich and Peace […]

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Born on Tu Bishvat- 14/2/1987 in Jaffa to a Jewish Israeli of Ukrainian origin, mother and a Christian British Father. Both of her parents are connected to the arts & with secular, liberal views. They […]

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Nalini Blossom’s Song of Peace

This is a special prayer that was created especially for peace work in the Middle East and will be weaved into ceremony during Peaceweaves Solstice ceremony. As someone who lives in Avalon, it’s so so […]


The Peace Weavers Solstice Pilgrimage was supported in such a nourishing way by the caring people at Royal Southampton Yacht Club, on the water from of the Beaulieu Gins Farm Clubhouse, St Leonards Cottages, Beaulieu, […]

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