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Rebecca Esmeralda Telhami’s Thread

Rebecca Esmeralda Telhami was born and raised in a village on Mount Carmel called Osfia. She was born to a Palestinian father and a Dutch mother. 

None side of her family, Rebecca’s Grandparents went through the Nakbah, and on the other, the Holocaust. Her grandfather was taken to concentration camp for refusing to join the army.

You might think these personal and ancestral experiences would exacerbate a feeling of separation, but Rebecca she say’s “Growing up as a minority made me realise how we are all connected, it made me see how we are all one”. 

That said, for Rebecca the question of identity – both inner and outer – was and still is ever present.

Whilst searching for a way to express all that was happening inside her, she attended acting school and started to discover different aspects and personalities within herself – she say she “became my own personal lab rat”… 

Using various methods, medicines and ceremonies to investigate the conscious and unconscious mind, Rebecca insists she is still learning with every step how to “move gracefully and playfully through this dance of life”.

Today Rebecca relies on her intuition and womb wisdom as her medicine. Her work is heart-lead by the divine feminine – who is currently undergoing the process of gently and lovingly reclaiming her power.

Rebecca is at the forefront of the Peaceweavers Vision – a beautiful creation by a group of Israeli and Palestinian medicine women gathering together to hold space for all to pray for peace through ceremony.

The Peaceweavers journey spans ancient holy sites from Israel, through Palestine, Europe and England and they will be joined by indigenous people of Iranian, Lakotan, Columbian, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon descent with many many more people joining each day as one human family, choosing to open their arms to walk, sing and pray each other home to peace.

The peace pilgrimage is taking place (in the UK locations) from the 20-22 June 2024. You can find out more, join in or donate at

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