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Avi-Esther’s Thread

Shalom, Salaam, Hello, greeting of Peace be with you as you explore this wonderful journey which started as a conversation between myself and Miriam, then expanded in rippling waves when I met Rich and Peace Weavers Vision was named. For this is what we are, we are medicine people who weave peace into our own lives through healing, into other’s lives through facilitating healing, and as a constant prayer for all as we walk sacred lands all over the earth to commune through time space for all being to know peace, joy and love which feels safe.

Born in Jerusalem the 22/11, across from the mount of olives, it snowed in the desert as I emerged from my mother’s womb. I am an Israeli-American living in the Uk for 20 years. I am a birth, herb, and ancestral medicine woman who is honoured to bring so many on my medicine pilgrimage pathway. This series of places has helped me and those I’ve guided to heal and find ease in our lives. I began taking solo pilgrimages in 2013 as a intuitive pull toward special places on earth. I have been invited through listening to these in-body, soul callings to perform ceremonies at many sacred sites across the world including, Rujm Al-Hiri, on the pyramid of a temple in Tulum, Mexico, to honour children coming into the world and to help birth new stories within the bodies of many people.

I have a lived a path littered with the trauma of ancestral war, which rages to this day both within the individuals of my family and around my family. My family tree reads like a depressing history novel: pogroms, holocaust, forced religious hypocrisy, abuse, family ruin but escaping with their lives, betrayal, settling in Palestine to fight the British only to then become the first Israelis which turned their allies into their enemies…. These are many stories from different ancestors of my line… many stories I cary in my blood and many stories I honour with love. I have cried tears that felt like an endless chasm that would never empty, yet empty they do and at the end of the tears there is peace and acceptance for that part which I mourned for. This is the way of shamanic ancestral honouring. Where forgotten stories are seen, felt, and allowed to find their natural way home to peace.

I am tired of the lies spun to trigger the wrong actions of men. I’m tired of wounded people hurting people. I’m tired of the excuses given to rationalise loveless hate. Hate and anger have a place and role of protection and safety, where love is betrayed or one is wronged. For love tempers hate such that right action can be restored. Where hate is felt without love, a blind rage and disassociation of ‘othering’ happens that leads to genocides. When love can be restored and we are able to see one another as family, hate and anger become functional and in their right place.

There are so many goddesses who show us this human natural truth: Asherah/ Al-lat, Bride/Brigid, Mary, Bellona, Ixchel, Inanna … and so many more. These divine women model for us the balance of war and peace within ourselves and outside of ourselves. These great mother goddesses who govern(ed): war, peace, combat, prosperity, fertility, home & hearth, love, childbirth and so much more.

I can’t help but to think, maybe we can all know peace while we are still alive if we can remember how to live our lives with such balance. In symphony with all our selves so to have harmony with all outside ourself.

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