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“Born into jewish London life. Raised in Israel. My father was in 2 wars which deeply affected his life and mine. He has lived his whole life since with terrible PTSD.

My daughter served as a combat medic in a tank unit leaving her to absorb the trauma of war and now my son Ben, my beautiful boy is currently in training as part of an elite unit of combat engineers in the IDF and is moments away from being deployed in a war that breaks my heart. I have lived the subtle and the violent reverberations of a non stop cycle of war and now its my son on the front line.  No war ever brought me peace.

When my children were born I whispered to each that I would always protect them. And I am compelled to honour that promise now.

A Peace Weaving vision is born. This coming week, women from Israel walking side by side with Palestinian women alongside women from England, Spain and other countries around the world. With one heart they will honour the death and celebrate the life and show that  humanity is above nation.  This is a physical event and an online event allowing people all over the world to tune in and weave together.

May all beings be at peace”                                                                                                           

Richard Cohen is Peace Weavers’ operations and logistics rock star.  He is an artist, spiritual led – jewellery designer, facilitator and peace warrior. Business owner and Ecomingling founder. Organiser, working as key coordinator to design, drive and nurture a wealth of organisations internationally and locally.  Founder of signal science. A strong practice for inner and outer peace work, across the realms of breath work, meditation, chi-gong, tai chi, Khundalini,

Projects include:  IPPPC Coalition (combatting single use plastic with NGO’s, science and health organisations, activists and government), and the City Centre Partnership in St Albans (with city council, educational orgs, business community and the civic society). Music4unity, One Land and the Hillside neighbourhood experience in Glastonbury and Soul retreats.

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