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Joanna’s Thread

Born on Tu Bishvat- 14/2/1987 in Jaffa to a Jewish Israeli of Ukrainian origin, mother and a Christian British Father. Both of her parents are connected to the arts & with secular, liberal views. They raised her up knowing  peace is an inherent part of life. She grew up with an Arab nanny who showed her what to forage & how to sing to nature.
She was promised that when she grew up there wouldn’t be a need to serve in the army… Then Rabin was murdered & she was devastated, feeling the dream of peace was shattered along with him. Wanting to give her energy for a good cause-At 18 she became an environmental activist instead of recruiting to the IDF. It took several years till she regained faith in making a difference through peace work… When her heart broke for the million time in one of the military operations, she met a friend in a demonstration who offered her to join her the next day & Swing Dance in Palestine. Since then she danced in the seeding of a Holy land MoonDance Ceremony, co facilitated a local version of Anna Halperin’s Planetary Dance, prayed & danced with the Huichol elders who came to pilgrimage from north to south in sacred sites, sat in all night ceremonies with women from Israel & Palestine on the banks of the Galilee & in any opportunity prays for a reality of freedom, equality & peace for all.

She’s an initiated Sahumadora- medicine woman working with foraged medicinal plants for healing , purification & blessings of people & places.

She’s an Artist, has a Bachelor & Masters degree in Art School. Her first Solo show exhibition was  in Umm el Fahem Art Gallery. Presenting works from locally foraged plants, earth, spring water & stories. Performing rituals of purification from the gallery’s rooftop wearing one of the gallery’s collection’s Palestinian embroidered dresses.

She’s an Altar maker, opening portals of beauty & harmony in ceremonies, art performances, festivals & workshops. Teaching & supporting people on their life’s journey, connecting to the power of nature & her abundant gifts.

She is a generator of experiences, a gatherer of remains, creating a poetic archive of remembrance. Using her delicate observation and her bottomless curiosity, she engages, picking away with utmost attention down to the tiniest detail.
Sprouting a world – that grows, blooms, dries out and becomes the compost for the next round – a kind of circular, abstract ongoing storytelling, guided by the great mystery.
She keeps a finely focused state of mind in a space where everything is temporary and part of a nonhierarchical, transitional journey, where every moment is valuable both in itself and in leading to the next.

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