Threads of Peace: Our Stories ‚Äč

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog, Weaving Threads of Peace, where we share the important stories from those here who weave peace as a walking prayer in every day life and our united vision which has brought us together. 

These are our stories;  lived experiences from the leaders of our humble movement. From people who are impacted by war today and in our ancestry; this is our response to bring healing and peace into our lives, our families’ lives and all those around us irrespective of heritage, religion, or ideas of separateness.  

We come together because we believe we are one human family; JOIN US! 

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  1. Hello Weavers of the threads of Peace.

    I’ve been introduced to the Peace Weavers vision by a friend who joined you at Solstice.

    I just want to take this opportunity to offer my support for and admiration of how you have turned beautiful thoughts into beautiful actions – a transformation of inspiration and energy I always admire.

    One nation, one world, no ‘sides’, healthy ‘polarity’, looking for what unites us and engaging in the sacred union of opposites is a philosophy I live.

    It can be easy to talk the good talk. It’s often not so easy to walk the good walk. Which is clearly what you have done, both literally and spiritually.

    The growing success of your endeavours and the spreading of your good word are in my prayers.


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