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Laura’s Thread

I have an idea… one that has been pursuing me most of my life. It involves my deep love of nature, a passion for science & spirituality and a generous appetite for personal development and social change.

Trying to find a career path that encompasses all of these things has been quite a challenge over the years but thankfully, recent events have granted me the opportunity to really explore my big life loves and figure out a way to pull them all together as a way of supporting myself, my family, my community and hopefully the beautiful planet we live on.

In June 2023, the seeds of inspiration for the White Mulberry Movement that had accumulated in my brain over the years were finally sown – but you can read more about there here (funny story)

In a nutshell, The White Mulberry is a vehicle for social change. Its aim, to bring together like-minded folk concerned with raising the vibrational frequency of this beautiful planet we call home – starting with ourselves and our own communities. 

Much of my inspiration for The White Mulberry has come from nature – in particular mycelium  networks. I remember reading an article on mycelium a few years ago and it struck me just what a clever component of nature it is – a vitally supportive communication network for an entire ecosystem!

If we allow ourselves to be inspired by nature, and work together collaboratively, I believe we can build more successful and peaceful communities, which in turn would grow into more successful and peaceful counties, countries, and continents. Who knows maybe one day we’ll live in a word where there are no arbitrary lines drawn in the sand between countries and therefore no need for war… hey, I can dream…

Whilst I’d dearly love to eradicate global conflict, I have to admit that’s probably a little beyond my capabilities…. BUT… that absolutely doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to improve things in whatever way we can in our own unique and authentic way.

I met Rich at a Kundalini Yoga class in Glastonbury recently and over several coffees and slices of cake (not all in one sitting), learned more about the Peaceweavers Vision. I HAD to get involved. It’s precisely the kind of event I put the White Mulberry together FOR. It’s all about connection… bringing people together to strengthen communities and inspire more growth and heart-centred work. Or as Avi beautifully put it “Creating a foundation of support to support people supporting people”  

For more information about what we’re trying to achieve please visit – and if you’d like to become a co-creator, please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading
Laura x

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