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Nalini Blossom’s Song of Peace

This is a special prayer that was created especially for peace work in the Middle East and will be weaved into ceremony during Peaceweaves Solstice ceremony. As someone who lives in Avalon, it’s so so special to have all these beautiful medicine women arrive to this land to weave their hearts in prayer and song !

This Peace Song came through after my time with the Jerusalem Peacemakers in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2010. A beautiful group of people including Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa who ran the Peace House on the Mount of Olives
Every year on Summer Solstice , there was a beautiful peace initiative called Jerusalem Hug . An idealistic vision to invite all Abrahamic religions to reunite and join hands to form a circle around the Old City walls. Christian, Jews and Muslims in one collective prayer of Unity . It was at one core group meeting that I had the vision of Glastonbury Hug to happen simultaneously on Glastonbury Tor whilst we were in Jerusalem. Glastonbury is my home and it’s known as New Jerusalem in William Blake’s epic poem , and so it felt fitting for people to gather there and pray for peace and protection of Jerusalem . I asked my friend David Ash to help co organise the Glastonbury Hug on the ground and we put out the invites . It was a wonderful ceremony . We played the 528 hz crystal bowls at both locations to connect in with the frequency of love and 300 people gathered that fine day to hug the Tor and pray for peace.
It was after this that I received the songs for the EP ‘ The Magdalene Flame’ including the peace prayer ‘ Shalom Salaam ‘ Here is the Bandcamp link and it’s available on all platforms

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