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Miriam’s Thread

Shalom, Salam, Peace upon you,

My name is Miriam Elizabeth Turmalin.
I was born 1984 in Nazareth to a Jewish Israeli Mother and a German Christian Father, as a result of love and peace between two nations who have been enemies just a generation before.
I was raised between these two cultures and know in the depth of my being that peace is possible.

As such, I felt my mission in life from a very young age and am a carrier of the dream of peace for my homeland and all it’s people, including all living beings in the seen and unseen realms as well.

Since coming back home to Israel~Palestine in 2016 after years living in Europe, I’ve been dedicating my life in service for peace.

I joined EcoME, a community of Israeli, Palestinian and Internationals in a center for peace and ecology which was based near Jericho at the Dead Sea. I started performing and holding many ceremonies for peace in the area and all over the land.
I’ve been traveling across the land, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and at times gathering dozens and up to over 100 people in ceremonies for peace.

To name just some of those places:
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jericho, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Mediteranian Sea, around the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Yaffo, Gaza-“envelope” close to Rafah border, Gaza City border and Kibbutz Beeri, Jordanian border, Syrian border, Libanon border, Egyptian border, Rujum el-Hiri in the Golan Heights, Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee, Magdala at Tiberias, Arbel Mount, Meron Mount, Hermon Mount, Jordan Valley, Ein-Gedi at Yehuda desert, Timna Park and the Leopard temple at Arava desert…

I’ve been also joining and co-creating ceremonies abroad, like in Portugal 2018 with the “Defend the Sacred Alliance”.
I was part of a team bringing around 200 people from all over the globe for a peace ceremony calling for the end of war on Mount Sinai November 2018 and again November 2022.
I joined and initiated several ceremonies in India beginning of 2020.
The latest ceremonies I’ve held in Greece in a gathering to “unite in our humanity”, where we’ve came together, Palestinian, Israeli and Internationals in a grieving ceremony as well as in a planetary dance, fueled by our visions and waking dreams of peace.

Most of my ceremonies are simple prayers for peace, which I perform in various ways, through dance (for example the “Planetary Dance” ritual by Anna Halperin and “Dance for Life”- which was born out of the current war as a call to choose life), with songs, voicing my prayers, many times it includes fire and water, crystals, healing herbs for purification and blessings, always bringing an offering to the sacred places in which the ceremonies are being held.

Sometimes it includes a dream night or waking dream for peace.
It is always a space for inspiration and inviting for healing- within ourselves, in all our relations (especially between the genders) and with the Earth and all it’s beings.

As I’m walking in the footsteps of the Miriam’s who have walked this land before me-
Miriam, sister of Moses, Miriam, Mother of Jesus and Miriam from Magdala-
my life became a walking prayer, a ceremonial dance for peace, an embodiment of love and mercy, a song for life.

This Summer I’m co-creating the “peace weavers vision” starting my pilgrimage in England and from there continuing through Germany, Austria, Czech-Republic, France, Spain and Portugal, before coming back home, weaving between ancient sacred places awakening the seeds of peace which lay in all cultures of this Earth, connecting them to my beloved bleeding home Land, which I call the Holy Land- reminding all lands are holy, all life is sacred.
Continue weaving until we all remember…

Photos from Her Journeys

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