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The Peace Weavers Solstice Pilgrimage was supported in such a nourishing way by the caring people at Royal Southampton Yacht Club, on the water from of the Beaulieu Gins Farm Clubhouse, St Leonards Cottages, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst SO42 7XG

They and their head chief ensured all the pilgrims had incredible food which they could eat over the 3 days they were traveling with little sleep while praying together for peace. There were so many moments where each pilgrim expressed deep gratitude for the grace of having food to eat to keep them going. We would like to thank Royal Southampton Yacht Club and their culinary artist head chef Albin Mc Claren for such care and support.

If you are in or visiting the New Forest, we can whole heartedly recommend visiting the beautiful site where RSYC are located on the waterfront of the Beaulieu River. The food is amazing, the location is so relaxing and serene and the people are lovely! We highly recommend experiencing their warm, laid back, delicious, friendly establishment.

To learn more and find them please click the link below:

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