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Wings of Peace

Wings of an owl appear the morning after a peace song between warring tribes was sung. An Iranian peace activist and free Gaza demonstrator joined in heart and song with a Father whose son is a soldier in the Israeli army.

Throughout this journey, these owl wings will be held and used to spread purifying, cleansing smoke as a protecting shield. A symbol of regeneration, transformation and illumination. A reminder that something new is possible. The feathers will capture the prayers and intentions of all those met along the way and those who choose to connect and share on line. A tapestry of individual vulnerability, integrity and unity. 

A winged ark and covenant of the people that will then go on across the seas, following ancient pathways to energy centres in the Golan Heights down through the lake of Galilee to Jerusalem and ultimately bringing these prayers and peace wishes to Gaza City.

A reminder that the humanity we share is above nation and borders.

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