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Dance For Life / ריקוד למען חיים / رقصة من أجل

Miriam and Joanna both were a part of working with, Dance for Life: In such days of war and death, immense pain and grief, we decided to create and to move with an active prayer towards the choise of LIFE! This creation is aimed to share our deepest prayers and longing for life, peace, freedom and security on this land and in the world. A prayer for our children and the generations coming, for a continuation of life for ALL. We created communaly a dance video called ‘Dance for Life’ in collaboration with the musical artist Liron Meyuhas and an incredible group of heartfelt people who live in the Holy Land.

This video is shared with Love now and in the next coming weeks shall share the exact movements of Dance for Life, in hope that if you wish to create this dance as part of a protest, in your community, in the streets, you will have full guidance how to do so.We wish for this dance to reach across the globe, to dance together for the continuation of humans life on earth.

Co creation by: Nicole Mahler, Miriam Elizabeth Turmalin, Lotan Sapir, Ayelet Yakutiel

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