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Born from an accumulation of life experience and a strong desire to share wisdom, understanding and healing from a true and authentic place, I now offer healing and life path assistance to those seeking to empower themselves!

Hi, Im Riki Buckingham

The message behind Divine Life Alchemy is deep and points to the nature of our lives here on this planet, the intention is to call in the divine and to do the work it takes to purify, refine and release all that hiders our connection to God or our higher self.  

Life foods for Vibrancy, soul energy and Health

Having dealt with depression and addiction in the past I finally found the experience of bliss on the other side 15 years later, after a 12 year soul mate relationship of accelerated growth and healing we learnt a lot and finally had to part.

Through clearing trauma, connecting with past life memories, dealing with entity attachments, addictions, eating for vitality and health… I can say that I am finally here ready to surrender to a higher calling and bring the depth of understanding and love to others while following my own path as a healer, musician, truth seeker, inspired and awakening soul.

On this website under the blog section, you can find a depth of understanding which may help one become the strongest and energized version of themselves, Here you will find Truth, Inspiration and Love and music from my heart, there is also a Facebook group (Divine Life Alchemy) for those who feel called to connect on a soul level with others to forge harmonious and deep relationships for soul growth!

Nature’s energy is neutral that is to say it balances the body system and harmonises the mind, I work with nature as she is my greatest teacher.

I strongly feel the more we follow our heart the more the universe opens up opportunities and a deeper level of connection to the universe and the world around us, life becomes a gift instead of a drag, beauty pervades every part of our lives and we truly feel blessed to be alive! this is a reality far away from many of us on the planet at the moment and I know from what the last few months have shown me that this true place of love, connection and even bliss is ours to experience and share with the world and the greater community! so feel free to take a look around and join on board if this all speaks to you.

I love this, It was a gardens on the north side of Gran Canaria, it was a lovely place but we did not take many photo’s

Riki Buckingham has also been writing music for many years and in the last few years due to much growth, healing and understanding moved into a more spiritual direction bringing awareness to many subjects such as addictions, healing, soul-retrieval, breath-work and using music as a tool to help awaken others to who they truly are, he is always willing to work with other musicians. Please check out the music section for conscious and uplifting music.

I will always endeavour to work for your higher good and will if needed/wanted, work with my own psychic gifts, spirit guides, yours and my ancestors, the angelic realm and reiki energy to bring light to the situation at hand.

I truly feel that we all have infinite potential and this is about each person re-reconnecting to their core truth and inner knowing so that they can navigate their life on a course for fulfilment, evolution and perhaps even turning toward destiny.

This.. Is also my path too!!

I will be honoured to accompany you on your healing journey and together we will be able to bring healing through acceptance, love and grace. We will work towards your own empowerment and self-awareness, nurturing the very heart of your soul on the way.

I can offer assistance/insight into many areas in life, for example:

  • Life/Soul-path guidance
  • Soul purpose and destiny alignment/altering timelines
  • Raising your energy via conscious eating
  • Addictions and food issues
  • Soul-loss and Fragmentation
  • Finding and connecting to your own intuition
  • Trauma healing
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Spirit attachment/interference/psychic attack
  • Relationship dynamics/disfunction
  • Programming/conditioning and brainwashing
  • Inner child hurts
  • Rape/sexual abuse
  • Family dynamics
  • Emotional suppression/expression
  • Healthy creative expression
  • Domestic abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Self-worth issues

If you would like a session please use the form below or use the contact page

Or Phone & WhatsApp : UK mobile 07925278538

Skype rixsta_musicman

let’s move foreward!

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how you feel and things flow. Payment is suggested donation based as I don’t wish financial difficulties to get in the way of soul growth.

Divine Life Alchemy

Becoming so full of life and soul energy that it creates abundance not just for you, but positive energy and influence for those around you altering your future timelines and possibilities.